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   Langholm Coat of Arms

The main shield is the saltire, the national flag of Scotland, azure blue with a silver white diagonal cross. Starting at the top and working clock wise around the coat of arms there are representations of a Scottish thistle, a wooden platter with a barley-bannock and a salt herring, a golden fleece (toison) and a spade decked with heather.

Three of the symbols are drawn from the Common Riding; the thistle is carried in the procession and a search is made for the largest plant grown in the area; the barley-bannock and salt herring are carried and represent the fare available to the Langholm forefathers; and the spade with heather are used for cutting and turning over the boundary sods of the common land.

The golden fleece is representative of the traditional trade of the town, woollen manufacture.

Langholm Coat of Arms

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