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Border Esk and Liddel Angling Club



The Rivers

Flowing through Bentpath, Langholm, Canonbie, Longtown and Newcastleton, the Esk and Liddle originate in the foothills of the Southern Uplands. The rivers make their way through hills redolent with the stormy history of these borderlands, gathering strength from the numerous upland burns that join them on their course to the Solway. Each tributary adds an abundance of parr and fry to contribute to the salmon and sea trout runs of the system.

The swift flow makes the fly-fishing on the Esk and Liddle so rewarding. Its tumbling boulder strewn nature lending itself to the production of migratory fish and providing some excellent wild sport. Originating in Scotland, but having its mouth in the English section of the Solway estuary, the Esk and Liddle catchment is unique.

The rivers provide a remarkable variety of fishing, from racing runs full of enticing pockets of deeper water, to deep slow moving pools overhung by sandstone cliffs. In normal water heights both rivers provide pools that are ideal for sea trout.

Few pleasures in angling are as sweet as spending a night besides a dark pool quickening to the splash of fresh sea trout entering from the Solway.

The night fisherman sees many secret creatures as he plies his craft; bats will flit across the water in pursuit of night flying insects, and the fussing of nervous ducks in the bank side growth will herald the occasional otter.

For further information on the Border Esk and Liddel Angling Club which was established in 2011 please click here


Fishing on the River Esk

Floating Line

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